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We help disadvantaged students in Latin America achieve their university dreams.

About us

We help disadvantaged students in latin America achieve their university dreams

What we do

We identify students facing economic hardship with their living expenses and at risk of dropping out.  Our students receive financial assistance and integral support as part of our mission.  We want them to be financially secure and build skills outside of their academic curriculum so they can succeed in the labor market.

What drives us

We are changing lives by supporting disadvantaged students.  Latin America has historically suffered from low social mobility, which impacts its economic growth.  Low-income families may need ten or more generations in some countries to reach the mean income.  We believe in the power of education to promote social mobility.  Through the support of disadvantaged university students, we positively impact the individual, their families, their local communities, and an entire country.

Highlighted achievements

Recipient of the 2022 latino Excellence Award

We are proud of this award from the Massachusetts State house in recognition of our efforts to help disadvantaged students in Latin America achieve their university dreams

Guest speaker at the Colombian conference 2023 Harvard University

We had the opportunity to share our story of change and exchange experiences with many other professionals and organizations who are also working on innovative solutions.

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Inspiring testimonials


Anlly D. Sucerquia  

With your support, you help me show the other young people in my town that education is not exclusive to those who are wealthy or grow up in a city.

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Call for applications for impactU Scholarship 2024

May 17, 2024
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Frequently asked questions
Who do we support?

We help disadvantaged students in Latin America achieve their university dreams.  We currently support college students from many remote areas in Colombia who are at risk of dropping out due to economic hardship.  Students receive financial support for living expenses, professional development, and counseling.

We rely on donations and events to finance our operations.  We prioritize the use of donations to fund our program while the income from our events is prioritized to cover management expenses, finance future events and support our program.  Read how you can support us.

Our US office is in East Boston, Massachusetts.  Our Colombian office is in Sabaneta, Antioquia. We are a registered 501c non-profit organization in the US (EIN 84-4954490) and ESAL in Colombia (NIT 901395927-5).  Read our story or contact us for details.